A large student-run protest that lasted multiple hours on the Glassboro campus of Rowan University started when a hate group began carrying signs with heinous messages and preaching messages like “women belong in the kitchen” and “obey Jesus or hellfire.”

A Gay Pride flag is held up high contrasting the sign the preaches a hateful message. (Photo Credit: Melissa Luna/2019)

When asked about the situation and the protest, these Rowan students had this to say:

“The response from Rowan students has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. I think the fact that they are here as a scam group that promotes a hate message purely to entice people to respond in a violent way and to sue because of that is absolutely disgusting. And the fact that they’re willing to say anything for money shows a lot about their character.” Theodore Burns, 22.

“I feel like this campus has needed something like this for a long time because we have a lot of students in the LGBT community that have tried to make strides and have never broken through like this. I’m sad that it took bigotry to make that happen but I’m glad that we’re finally realizing that this campus is a lot more diverse than a lot of us thought, which is a good sign for the future. And I hope we can take this and keep rolling with it.” Andrew Louis, 23.

“It’s ridiculous. They’re allowed to be here, but they don’t have a purpose to be here. Our school community is too diverse. That’s what Rowan’s about.” A 22-year-old student.


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